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Home electrical safety – Our top 5 tips!

Ohmi electrical take home electrical safety very seriously. So much so we think everyone should be armed with simple electrical safety practices to keep you protected when using appliances or when undertaking everyday work around the home.

1. Don’t toss the safety manual!

We know it’s not the best read out there, but it’s important to follow instructions to correctly look after your appliances. Make sure you hold the plug when you’re connecting and disconnecting home electrical appliances from the wall – don’t go tugging on the cord unless you want to speed up wear and tear. You should pay special attention to your cords; worn out cords, particularly with exposed wires, should be replaced by an electrician straight away.

2. Think of the children

Ensure your electrical outlets are childproof and teach your kids about home electrical safety from a young age. Make sure they can follow by example too by always practicing the correct safety procedures.

Go further by removing electrical appliances from your bathrooms, or near sinks in the home or other water sources (like pools or spas), and always make sure you handle your appliance with dry hands – remember water and electrics don’t mix!

3. Beware of power lines

We’ve all seen the adverts promoting the importance of staying away from overhead powerlines. It’s important to be wary of these lines when working on a roof, trimming trees, or cleaning out your swimming pool. If you’re planning on work underground or inside your roof, make sure it’s safe to do so by getting advice from an electrician. And when in doubt, turn off the power in your home before working – better to be safe than sorry.

4. Protect against surges

It’s near impossible to see a power surge coming for the everyday homeowner, which is why you need to safeguard against them with a few easy-to-install devices. Safety devices like surge protectors will help protect appliances while in use. Safety switches are also now a legal requirement in new homes. They cut the power within 0.03 seconds of a problem occurring – which may save your expensive electrical appliances. Give us a call so we can help by talking you through the most appropriate and cost-effective devices for your home.

5. Got a shock?

If you feel a little zap or a tingle when using an electrical appliance? Don’t ignore it! Turn it off at the power switch on the wall and call your electrician straight away.
Time to act

Any home electrical safety issues that need attention should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent serious accidents. Even if you’re renting, make talk to your landlord about electrical matters that need addressing and request rectification immediately if something’s not right. Remember, never attempt to undertake electrical work on your own; a licenced electrician is required if you want safe and durable work completed – it’s just not worth putting you or your family in danger.

Call us today if you have questions surrounding the points we’ve raised here or if you have concerns regarding electrical issues in your home. We’re here to help, anytime.

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